I believe the joy in getting to know one another is in discovering each other as individuals and the unique way our chemistry interacts to form an entirely new paradigm: US.


My name is Eric Hassan. I’m a smart and friendly dude with an edge. I’m down to earth but have the skill and endurance to give you an out-of-this-world experience. I’ve spent most of my adult life exploring life and love and sex and bring my head and heart to every encounter.

I was born and raised in New England and have lived all over the United States.  I settled in NYC in 2005.  I have my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Occupational Therapy and practiced clinically and worked in healthcare management for 15 years before leaving the medical world to dedicate myself full-time to being an adult companion.  I’ve always cared deeply about and enjoyed contributing to the health and happiness of others.  I believe being known and loved, particularly in our most vulnerable and intimate moments, is a human right and transformational in our experience of ourselves.


  • AGE: 42
  • BIRTHDAY: April 5, 1978
  • HEIGHT: 5’11” (1.8m)
  • WEIGHT: 152 lbs (69 kg)
  • HAIR: dark brown
  • EYES: blue-green
  • BODY HAIR: moderate
  • CHEST: 40″ (102cm)
  • WAIST: 30″ (76cm)
  • SHIRT SIZE: M (sometimes S)
  • PANTS SIZE: 30×32 (US)
  • SHOE SIZE: 12 (US)
  • PENIS: 8″ (20cm)


My favorite things are music, food, and sex. I’m a self-taught musician and can play 3 instruments.  I love to cook and love to eat and I’m really good at both.

People often refer to me as big bro, coach, or dad. That’s probably because I am a natural caregiver that’s all about empowering you to have the best life you can have. I’m confident and assertive without being bossy or demanding.

I hit the gym 5-6 times a week. I eat a pescatarian diet and I practice intermittent fasting.


  • COLOR: green
  • MOVIE: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • FOOD: cake
  • SEASON: spring
  • BANDS: Shudder to Think, Guided by Voices, The Future Sound of London
  • ALBUM: Pony Express Record
  • SONG: Static On The Radio
  • CUISINE: Indian
  • COCKTAIL: Gin Gimlet or Martini or Negroni
  • AUTHORS: Nicholas Mosley, Joyce Carol Oates, Anne Tyler
  • BOOK: High Lonesome


Whether you’re new to hiring or you’re a seasoned “pro,” I’m here to meet you where you are and make our time together exactly what you want it to be.

All you need to do is bring your true and genuine self.

You can be any age, any size, any color, any gender expression, any sexual identity. You can be plain vanilla or wild and crazy. You can be seeking a quick fix or a more intimate, connected experience. You can be exactly who are you and you can expect me to be right there with you!

Feel free to open up to me – the more I know about who you are and what you want, the more able I am to make our time together a time you won’t soon forget!


We can arrange to spend time together anytime you want. You can count on me to communicate clearly and timely and to be prompt and prepared for our time together.

I bring passion and light. I want you to feel cared for and free to express yourself. You can count on me to be mentally present and very uninhibited. I’m into soul satisfaction!

You can take me out or keep me in. I think life is pretty wonderful and I love eating it up! I enjoy live music, eating out, indie films, plays on Broadway and much more. I also love cooking (and I’m really good) so we can have dinner at home. Cuddling on the couch. Pigging out. A little bit of all of the above. You can count on me to be up for anything.

Please allow me to give you an exceptional time!