What’s your schedule?2021-03-09T13:25:45-05:00

I make myself available for work Monday – Sunday from 12 Noon to 12 midnight.  I am happy to work outside of these hours with advance planning.

I stop answering messages at 10pm.  I occasionally take a day off from working; I will have automatic replies on those days.

I require at least 2 hours notice for appointments Monday – Thursday and at least 12 hours notice Friday – Sunday.

I require at least 24 hours notice for travel outside of NYC.

Please check out my CALENDAR for specifics on my schedule.  I include known days off and planned travel.

Where can I see you?2021-10-28T18:39:43-04:00

Anywhere! I live in NYC and can travel in the 5 boroughs with ease. I’m happy to travel anywhere in the US or around the world (I’ve got a passport and a sense of adventure) so feel free to have me travel to you.

I offer two travel opportunities – exclusive engagements, where you have me travel exclusively for you, and trip sponsorship – a model of travel that reduces your cost and time obligation, but still allows you to see me in your city.  You can read about both of these options on my TRAVEL page.

Do you offer incalls?2021-03-09T13:26:19-05:00

Incalls are where you come to me.  Outcalls are where I come to you.

I offer incalls on a very limited basis.  Incalls are available only to established clients OR those who are directly referred to me by someone I trust.

Typically, when I travel outside of NYC, I am able and happy to host incalls with fewer restrictions.

How much advance notice do you require for appointments?2021-03-09T13:06:08-05:00

I require at least 2 hours notice for weekday appointments from Monday to Thursday.

I require at least 12 hours notice for weekend appointments from Friday to Sunday.

The more notice you are able to offer, the higher the likelihood that I will be free to see you.

What forms of payment do you accept?2021-03-09T13:03:24-05:00

I accept cash payments only. I accept local currency only.

Please note, I reserve the right to request a 50% deposit on first-time appointments.  If requested, this deposit can be paid electronically.

For regular, reliable customers who request it, I am open to alternate arrangements.

** Because of the current COVID19 pandemic, virtual services can be paid for through Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, or via Amazon Gift Card. **

Are your rates negotiable?2021-03-09T13:01:53-05:00

No.  My rates are firm.

I do negotiate rates for multi-day trips and travel engagements under certain circumstances; otherwise, the rates you see on this site prevail.

Do you expect tips?2018-05-30T13:30:42-04:00

Nope. I don’t expect them and I don’t think it means anything if you don’t offer one. They’re nice. They’re appreciated. But they are not expected.

How will you be dressed for our date?2018-05-30T13:31:16-04:00

Appropriately. I’m typically a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, but I clean up very well. I understand the value of dressing for the venue and occasion and will be sharply dressed. Feel free to request any specific clothing you’d like me to wear.

Do you see women, trans-folk, or couples?2018-05-30T13:31:54-04:00


There is no change in my rate.

What about safer sex?2018-05-30T14:43:49-04:00

We will have a frank and open conversation about safer sex. We will choose options that we both agree on.

I am HIV negative and on PrEP. I am tested at least quarterly for HIV and other STI.  I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.

Can we talk on the phone before we meet?2021-03-09T13:00:52-05:00

Definitely. It’s best to check and make sure I’m free to talk, but feel free to call and leave a message if you don’t get me on the phone.  Please do not call repeatedly and not leave a message; your number will be blocked from contacting me.

Remember to unblock your number; I don’t answer blocked/unknown calls.

What if I’m nervous?2018-05-30T13:33:34-04:00

Congratulations – you’re normal! Meeting someone new can make the butterflies in your stomach start swarming, but bear in mind there’s nothing to be worried about. Sometimes, I get nervous, too. I understand the feeling and can put you at ease in no time.

Are your photos really you?2018-05-30T14:39:40-04:00

Yes. You can see pictures of me in the GALLERY and all over social media. I’m always putting out new photos so you have a good idea of exactly what I currently look like. The best place to find the most recent pictures is TWITTER.

I do not provide further photo verification.

What about … ?2019-06-28T14:47:46-04:00

If you don’t see an answer to a question that you have, go ahead and contact me and ask away!  I’ve provided this site to help answer your questions and give you as idea of who I am, but I understand you might be thinking of something that I haven’t addressed, and I would always prefer you ask than wonder!

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