Hiring doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. Here are a few things to know that can help you have a good time. Of course, many of these things are specific to me, but they can give you a good idea about how to proceed.
1. In your initial communication, be sure to tell me your name so I know what to call you.  If you do not include your name with your greeting, you will not receive a response from me.  If your message just says “Hello” or “Saw your ad” you will not get a response from me. Remember, I don’t know who you are the first time you contact me.
2. I want you to be happy and to have exactly the experience you want. Please share relevant details so that I can make your dream come true. I’m very open-minded and have few limits, so you can’t really scare me!
3. Let me manage the time. You don’t need to be looking at the clock. You also don’t pay more if we go over our time unless you’ve agreed to more time.
4. When we’re together, any costs for food or entertainment, or travel will be paid by you. This is in addition to the fees for the time we spend together.  Please note that effective March 2021, any travel outside of the 5 boros of NYC will incur travel charges at my regular rate.
5. I assure discretion. What happens between us stays between us.  I also expect your discretion in return.
6. I offer and expect mutual respect for boundaries and limits, including safer sex. We will talk about these topics as needed and take the agreed upon precautions.
7. I accept cash payments only. I ask that you pay me at the end of our time together so the exchange is reflective of the actual time we spent together. You don’t need to tip, but I’m not going to stop you if you do!
8. The choice to write a review of our time together is up to you. I do request that you alert me if you do write a review so I can acknowledge the compliment!